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On the Drawing Board

We look forward to sharing new products and projects as we move forward from concept to prototype. Practical design consideration and ease of use can be better accomplished with involvement from our end-users.
About Us

Evolution Solar Systems

We specialize in the design and installation of unique solar shade structures for residential, commercial and agricultural use. These structures provide protection against the elements, and solar powered charging opportunities for electric vehicles and maintenance operations.

Our solar systems are intended to help build a better relationship between electric vehicle owners and the communities they live in. We strive to unite commercial opportunities with community needs.
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Envi Express Delivery

2019 continues the launch of Envi Express Delivery and "ee-mail delivery" in several US markets. Envi Express will introduce a line of all-electric, emission free delivery vehicles in pilot markets which include Chicago (2020), Nashville (2020) and Santa Barbara (service began in 2018).

The company is working with business, community and environmental leaders to help support this emission free delivery system in additional cities across the United States and Canada.

* ee-mail (envi express mail)