EMC - Breakwater Chicago

Evolution Motor Company joins the Breakwater Chicago project

Breakwater Chicago is a floating entertainment complex located just inside the breakwater section of a principal, downtown Chicago shoreline. EMC will coordinate development for similar projects in important international markets around the world. EMC will assist with sustainable design considerations, including the creation of three geodesic domes that will be used for area covers in the winter months. These domes will be constructed with solar integrated components to capture energy to be stored in large battery compartments on the vessel.

Evolution Solar Systems - Learn to Earn Solar

The "Learn to Earn Solar" program, also known as "Building Blocks for Energy Independence" is a fund-raising model that helps public schools, community colleges, and universities build small solar power plants with purpose to meet each facility's energy needs through an alternative energy power source that through months and years of building, will eventually cover or exceed the energy costs for the school. This program is funded by; Evolution Solar Systems Foundation, federal and local funds earmarked for rebuilding or remodeling schools, local sponsors who are heavily invested in the community, alumni, parents, grandparents and fund-raising efforts supported by the school and school organizations like the PTA.

Each school year a new group of students will have an opportunity to learn more about solar energy efficiency, contribute to the ongoing building process of the solar power plant and help their school realize revenue savings goals brought through years of funding and building.

The program builds onto an Evolution S-1 solar shade structure, prefabricated light gauge steel system, or rooftop system that creates the base of the solar "Lego" building system. Solar panels will be added to the system as funds are donated or become available through dedicated fund-raising programs and through ongoing support from private donors.

We are looking for companies that are active in the community to help support this program with direct funding for local schools.

We have received thumbs up from numerous school Board of Education offices on the outline of this project and believe there will be enthusiastic support through national and local media outlets.

If you are interested in information about schools participating in your area or want to nominate a school, please contact us via email at learntoearnsolar@evolutionsolarsystems.com.

ESS - The World's Largest Floating Solar Field

China is now the home to the The World's Largest Floating Solar Field. According to techstory.in, the power plant is now operational in Eastern China's Huainan city in the Anhui province. The report states that the power plant that has the capacity of 40MW has been set up on a reservoir near a coal mine. This is more than timely as air pollution in China is reported to be causing an estimated of 1.1 million deaths every year and one of the major reasons for this are the emissions from power plants, factories and automobiles. According to the report, China plans to close down polluting factories and thermal power plants which use coal as fuel. Earlier in March, China had cancelled the plans to construct 103 coal-fired thermal power plants of a combined capacity to generate up to 120GW. Sungrow, one of the leading suppliers of the photovoltaic inverter systems across the globe is known to have set up the said floating power plant that has already started providing 40MW of power to the city of Huainan. The solar panels have been assembled on a floating container, which is used as a base as well as a ground for the engineers to walk on. Floating power plants are better options as they could be set up on water bodies. They can be set up near cities where power consumption was more than the available quantity. They also help in reducing the transmission losses.

Envi Express

Envi Express enters the rapid growth market of on-time delivery with certainty to compete with more established brands. 2018 marks the launch of Envi Express Delivery and "ee-mail delivery" in several US markets. Envi Express will debut a line of all-electric, emission free delivery vehicles in pilot markets which include Chicago (2019), Nashville (2019), and Santa Barbara (2018). The company is working with business, community and environmental leaders to help support this emission free delivery system in additional markets across the United States and Canada.

Envio Motorsports

Envio Motor Scooters offer unrivaled performance in an all-electric motor scooter. The 2018 Envio 4000 and 6000 MP usher in a new generation of all-electric, high performance on-road scooter experience.